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TACX Cyclestand (T3000)
Collapsible repair stand for small and simple repairs. You can tilt the whole bike to the front; this is especially handy when you are working on headset or handlebars. The Cyclestand is equipped with a mobile assembly tray and front wheel guides that will prevent the handlebars from turning sideways.
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TACX Cycle Motion Stand (T3075)
  • This is the perfect repair stand for heavy-duty repairs and maintenance.
  • The stand is equipped with a mobile assembly tray.
  • The bicycle is secured at the front or rear fork en stands steady on the plastic support for the bottom bracket.
  • Both fork holders can be adjusted in height as well as length.
  • Suitable for both race and mountain bikes with wheel diameters ranging from 24 to 28 inches.
-24,76% Sniženje
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